Evercool 120mm Aluminum Fan Review

Evercool 120mm Aluminum Fan

120mm fan review

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another cooling review, today we take a look at the spectacular and shiny 120mm aluminum fan made by Evercool.


The product was purchased from Amazon and as usual from them came in and oversized USPS box and was cushioned with brown packaging paper. The fan itself was at the bottom of the box, and the paper would have done nothing to protect it. While this may be a cost saving measure by Xoxide.com, it is quite unsafe, even if the products are virtually indestructible. The fan itself was packaged in a molded plastic shell with specifications on the back of it.


120mm fan
3 to 4 pin connector
4 fan screws

Outlook, Installation, and Testing:

Installing a 120mm fan is the easiest thing in the world, and shouldn’t be considered something hard to install. I did not install the fan into a case as none of my cases have 120mm fan mounts, but I did use it outside of a case. The fan itself weighs a hefty 305 grams, as much as many of todays CPU heatsinks. This thing is solid aluminum. The fan has been created to almost be a heatsink unto itself. The sides have grooves, much like a heatsink, and the whole casing has a brushed aluminum look. The blades are silver painted and are quite reflective.

The fan is a 120mm fan as well, 40mm larger then a traditional 80mm fan, and the difference is apparent.

The fan itself is extremely quiet. I can barely hear the thing. With my powersupply fans on high(Thermaltake 480w) it is easily drowned out. The sound it makes is more of the sound of rushing air then a spinning fan. Many fans make a high pitched whine when they run quickly, but this 120mm fan can run at a lower speed and produce and equivalent amount or more airflow, but at a much lower loudness. I made a small wav of the 120mm fan versus my Thermaltake fan on high. The first fan is the 120mm and the second is the power supply fan. Now this isn’t exactly how it sounds, but it’s fairly close.
The airflow this thing creates is IMMENSE! I’m amazed at how much air it pushes. Now I also have no sure way of testing this, but I gave it the ole’ paper test by placing the fan up, and holding a piece of paper 3.5 inches away from the fan. The 120mm fan pushed the paper approximately 7 inches. It could’nt go any farther because it would have gone horizontal. The Thermaltake fan pushed the paper 2 and a half inches, and is louder! This is the benefit of 120mm fans, huge amounts of air and little noise, and this fan surely lives up to its specs.


This fan is amazing, I would almost say its actual dBA is much lower then the rated dBA, and is quieter then both my power supply fans and my CPU fan. This thing also pushes an insane amount of air, no wonder everyone is switching over to 120mm fans, and with the looks kicked in, its one of the best 120mm fans on the market in my opinion. Get yours today!


Noise level
Air flow
Sweet looks!
Bigger is Better



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