Top 11 Free Android Apps on Google Play Worth Installing

About every 8 out of 10 Android smartphone users prefer free Android apps as compared to paid Android apps. However many free Android apps are installed with 3rd party advertisements but they are still preferred and loved by customers.

Android mobile apps are designed and developed everyday to make the way clean for Android customers in every situation. Confused with situation?

Situation means in a sort of various activities like time-pass, tips, techniques, uses etc.

Let me clear this all by sharing top most 12 free Android apps on Google Play worth installing and giving a try.


Top 11 Free Android Apps on Google Play

1. Opera Mini Web Browser

Opera Mini is the best mobile web browser for smartphones especially for those who have 2G network. As pre-installed browser app in Android smartphones takes a lot of time to load properly. So, Opera Mini Web Browser is a must installed Android app.

2. Facebook

Facebook have millions and billions of users nowadays who regularly logs-in to Facebook everyday. Many customers uses Facebook in browsers installed in their smartphone but Facebook Android App gives you a better interface and smooth usability. It is developed with best interface suitable for everything regarding Facebook accounts.

3. Facebook Messenger

As you know already that Facebook is in a great demand of users nowadays and people regularly uses and updates their Facebook accounts everyday worldwide. So, Facebook Messenger is the best Android mobile app available on Google Play. It is absolutely free of cost. You can check, receive and send messages to any friend very fast and easily with Facebook messenger.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most downloaded and used app now a days worldwide. WhatsApp lets you communicate with your mobile contacts (friends). It is free of cost and available on Google Play Store.

5. MX Player

MX Player is also great free Android app worth installing in your smartphone. MX Player has much better interface and options than default video player installed in your smartphone.

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The best thing is the screen functions like brightness control, volume control and seeking basically available on the screen without selecting options or using volume keys. It has also really good options for subtitles and language change (dual audio videos and movies).

So, MX Player is another must installed free Android app available on Google Play.

6. UC Browser

Likewise Opera Mini Web Browser, UC Browser is a great Android app. The best thing of UC Browser is that it gives you great downloading speed. It has resume capability also. Assume if your net connection disconnects suddenly while you are downloading something, you feel really embarrassing.

But UC Browser provides you resume capability and you can download your stuff whenever you want without losing the previous download.

So, I will consider UC Browser as one of the must installed Android app. It is absolutely free of cost and available on Google Play.

7. Ringtone Maker

I consider this app in MUST category because I love to change my ringtone in every few days. Basically people go online to search ringtones but every ringtone doesn’t include that music/lyrics which you really want to set as your ringtone.

So, with Ringtone Maker Android app you can easily edit any music file and easily select the best music and lyrics which you want to be your ringtone. You must give it a try. It is free of cost.

8. BookMyShow

BookMyShow is another great Android app worth trying. Suppose you plan to watch movie suddenly in any theater and you don’t know the timings and the movie presently shown in your area theaters. So, this app is absolutely for you to vanish that.

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You simply have to select your area/region and check the timings and movie name with help of this app. You don’t have to call your friend or relative for info. BookMyShow Android App gives you every info regarding movie name and time. It is absolutely free of cost and available on Google Play.

9. OLX

I will recommend OLX Android app as a must installed android app. If you want to buy or sell something you can easily use this app.

Suppose if you want to BUY some stuff, you can check it on OLX and in your locality or if you wish to SELL something, you can easily post a free ad on OLX with this free android app available on Google Play.

10. Flashlight

This is one of the most entertaining and useful app used at night. It gives you a bright light during night just like Flash. Also it has 9 different patterns and styles to light. You must have to download it and make use of it. I guarantee you like it 101% sure.

11. PicsArt

Last but not least PicsArt is the best photo editor free android app available on Google Play. You can tweak and edit every pic with help of this android app. It has best effects and options to make your photo a brand HD and styled photo.

PicsArt has many great effects and frames to give you picture a brand new superior look. So, PicsArt is great editing android app.

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