Getting Started Tutorial: Simple Basic Web Application

This getting started tutorial will get you up and running with a basic web application. At the end you will know how install Simple how to create a Simple application from scratch the structure of a Simple application how to add persistence with PostgreSQL. Guide Assumptions This guide assumes you have a working version of the GHC Haskell compiler, the cabal package manager and an up-to-date version of the PostgreSQL database. The best way to…

"Getting Started Tutorial: Simple Basic Web Application"

Simple Templates

Simple comes with support for the embedded templating language defined in the package simple-templates. Templates let you embed dynamic content in HTML, JSON or any other text format you return in your responses. Using with a Simple app Adding template support in your app is as easy as declaring an instance ofHasTemplates for your app settings:

HasTemplates has default definitions for all of its methods. However, in most cases you’ll probably want to override…

"Simple Templates"

The smpl Command-line Utility

Simple ships with a command-line utility, smpl, that helps bootstrap applications as well as run then in development mode. Synopsis

Global Options

Creating an application

Creates a new Simple application in the directory app_name. The Haskell module for the new application is the CamelCase derivation of app_name. For example, an app with the name test_app would be created with the module nameTestApp. By default, only minimal functionality is included in generated apps.…

"The smpl Command-line Utility"

How to Make A USB Drive Faster

Do you feel that your USB drive is slow in reading or writing data? Then this post is for you. Hello Readers, today I will be guiding you to make your USB drive work noticeable faster than ever before. However, this technique will work only for windows user. Misconception The common misconception among users is that USB drive/ Pen Drive works slow due to the large amount of data stored in it. But that is…

"How to Make A USB Drive Faster"

How to Get a Pikachu as your Starter in Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go is the latest hype in the video game industry. Pokémon fever is again at it’s peak. Everyone is hunting for their favorite pokémons to become an ultimate pokémon master. If you are also going to start playing Pokémon GO, then first read this. After finalizing your profile in Pokémon GO, the next step is to choose a pokémon to start your journey as a pokémon catcher. Originally, Pokémon GO offers you three choices for…

"How to Get a Pikachu as your Starter in Pokémon GO"

How to Hide Audio, Video, Image Files from Appearing in Android Media Players

Android devices come with some built-in apps like Music Player, Video Player and a Gallery to access your media files. Also, there are tons of apps like these on Play Store. But there is a very annoying problem with all of them. They will scan the phone’s storage and will include all the supported files. Thereby mixing up your media as well as non-media files. For e.g. in Music Player unwanted files like WhatsApp audio messages,…

"How to Hide Audio, Video, Image Files from Appearing in Android Media Players"

What is a Kernel? – Explained

Hello, readers. After spending some time around Android or Linux forums or discussions, you must have come across the term “Kernel”. A kernel is not a unique part of Android or Linux OS but it is a very important part of every operating system including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Blackberry’s QNX, Symbian, etc. Most of the people even some programmers/developers misunderstands kernel and operating system to be one and the same thing. So, What is a…

"What is a Kernel? – Explained"