Drupal:: Mysql Server has Gone Away Error

I had a problem with an error that kept popping up “mysql server has gone away error” in Drupal. After some reading around , I figured it was happening because drupal was pushing the mysql server too hard (http://drupal.org/node/227445). An easy way around this was to turn off some modules I didn’t really need. Hope this helps.

"Drupal:: Mysql Server has Gone Away Error"

Drupal:: How to Add User Pictures

Unlike most basic things in drupal, adding a user pictures to nodes like the forum, is not such an easy intuitive task. So after looking around i gathered this: To add a user picture on posts: – select pictures in /admin/user/settings – allow pictures in the theme at admin/build/themes/settings (also in the specific used theme if there is one)

"Drupal:: How to Add User Pictures"

How to Debug Drupal :: debug_backtrace()

Sometimes debuging Drupal can get confusing. I blame the lack of oop (we want you so bad Drupal 7) , the lack of mvc, and some kind of evil gnomes plans to take over the world (but more on this latter). So in case you’re going crazy trying to figure out what goes wrong in some otherwise great Dru[pal module, here’s little function i got from an interesting article on lulabot about debugging Drupal: function…

"How to Debug Drupal :: debug_backtrace()"

The Best Methods to Find an Anonymous Proxy

During the connection of HTTP, the computer’s IP address will be compulsorily transmitted for the purpose of getting back the information. This also permits the server to recognize the basis of the request of the web. The personal information about the user of the computer can be gathered by the web resource with the help of the distinctive IP address and the ID of the user in the internet. The web resource can also monitor…

"The Best Methods to Find an Anonymous Proxy"

HTC Dream Review

I was lucky enough to receive a review model of the HTC Dream from Loff International a few weeks back. I was exceptionally excited since this was the first Android based mobile phone I was reviewing. Being a complete geek and getting my little paws on this just after the HTC Dream release date was really amazing. My only problem? I had to give it back after 2 weeks! This usually is not an issue but with…

"HTC Dream Review"