Salesforce extension for Spring Social

For the past two weeks I have been working on Spring Social Salesforce. Spring Social Salesforce is an extension to Spring Social that provides Salesforce connect and api bindings support. Spring Social Spring Social is an extension of the Spring Framework that allows you to connect your applications with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers such as Facebook and Twitter. As stated on it’s site; Spring Social is an abstraction on top of social platforms (API’s) that takes…

"Salesforce extension for Spring Social"

Roy G. Biv : Using Abstract Colors in Design

The visual spectrum of light has made a huge impact in all forms of design this year.  We’re seeing it in the  top companies have their logos created with multiple colors in an abstract way, as well as websites using the rainbow effect in their backgrounds – We’re seeing it just about everywhere else too! Why is it that this trend has been taking the web by storm?  Well lets take a deeper look at…

"Roy G. Biv : Using Abstract Colors in Design"

1990s – When Life Was A GameBoy

I was ten years old when I first laid hands on a Game Boy. My uncle had just come back from New York with one and ever curious about games and games machines I was eager to have a go. He’d bought an American football game (which I can’t seem to find hide nor hair of on the internet) and I was hooked. I imagine he was a little peeved by his little nephew hogging…

"1990s – When Life Was A GameBoy"

Crowdfunding – there’s a new player in town!

First of all, huge props to kickstarter – I’ve been in huge like with the idea idea since I first heard of it, and have been evangelizing it to entrepreneurial friends. BUT… it doesn’t work from Sweden, unfortunately! Just last week the new platform Fundedbyme was launched, and YAY now the awesome possibility of crowdfunding is also open for us Northeners!! Since it’s actually open for any international project submission, I simply urge you all…

"Crowdfunding – there’s a new player in town!"

The default PackageResolver for gwtoolbox has changed?

I spent the last 4 hours to understand why gwtoolbox is not injecting dependencies. It was a painful process; there was not any log, just a NullPointerException since there is nothing to inject in the container. Anyway the problem occurred after upgrading gwtoolbox to 2.0-SNAPSHOT from 0.7. Finally I figured out that they changed default PackageResolver strategy in the new version. Before I wasn’t specifying any PackageResolver, meaning; I was relying on the default package…

"The default PackageResolver for gwtoolbox has changed?"

Drupal Module Usage Page

Some three years ago, the nice people at Drupal launched a service that gathered statistical data from deployed drupal sites, regarding the modules they used. This was mainly to solve the problem of which module to use for a particular purpose. I remember this was a real problem when i started using drupal; I often ran into 2-3 Drupal modules doing something similar, that solved my problem, but i had no idea which one to…

"Drupal Module Usage Page"

PHP – Make Youtube embed code from an Url

A small php function that transforms a youtube url in its embed script. function make_youtube_embed_from_url($url) { $url = str_replace(‘?v=’,’/v/’,$url); $out = ‘<object width=\”425″ height=\”350\”><param name=\”movie\” value=\”‘. $url .’\”></param><param name=\”wmode\” value=\”transparent\”></param><embed src=\”‘. $url .’\” type=\”application/x-shockwave-flash\” wmode=\”transparent\” width=\”425\” height=\”350\”></embed></object>’; return $out; }

"PHP – Make Youtube embed code from an Url"