Install RMagick and MySQL with Snow Leopard

mysql snow leopard installThe easiest way to install RMagick is  to download the script from:

and to execute it by entering into terminal

If you get errors related to “jpeg” or “jpg” then make sure you don’t have the macports library installed:

Then run this install script for only installing image magick and all of its dependencies:

After that install RMagick, and you should be good to go

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To install MySql from source you need to follow these instructions:

Note: some of the version numbers don’t line up, but that’s an easy fix…just means you can’t copy and paste. Then you’ll probably want mysql admin:

MYSql Admin Download

then to get mysql admin to work with OS-X, we need to make sure mysql is running and to set the default configurations  in a new terminal window type:

Where “mypassword” needs to be replaced with your actual password. Once done you can launch mysqladmin from your application directory and connect to it using these settings:

Now you can then create new tables by going to “catalogs” and selecting the “+” button under schemata. Type in the name of your database and you’re good to go!

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You can change your password in terminal any time by typing:

Note: there is no space between the -p and ‘mypassword

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