Using Google Drive Desktop Application with Proxy Authentication

NOTE: This solution is tested for “Squid Proxy Server with Authentication”. For other proxies it might not work. Try this out and do comment if it works, to help other readers.

Google Drive is cloud based file storage and synchronization service provided by Google that is integrated with company’s other services –including Google Docs, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube etc. Google Drive enables the user cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. Google has recently upgraded all its user to 15 GB of free space, which provides some stiff competition for the basic packages of many paid-for services.

proxy authentication google drive

Desktop user with proxy authentication always faces connectivity problem with newer application. In one of my previous we try to resolve the same proxy authentication problem with Windows 8 Apps and store. Google provides a small desktop application to Google Drive users for syncronizing files between cloud and desktop. But this application gives errors, if you are behind a authentication enabled proxy server.


Step 1 :

First of all download the ccproxy application. Click here and download free version of the application.

Step 2 :

After you have installed CCProxy on your PC , go to Options->Advanced->Cascading. Under the Cascading tab enter your server’s proxy address, port number and authentication details (if any). And hit OK->OK. Finally click on Start button to start CCProxy server.

google drive proxy authentication settings

Step 3 :

Open command prompt (press win+R, type cmd and hit enter) and type ipconfig & perss enter. Note down your IP address

google drive authenticated proxy

Step 4 :

Now open Internet Explorer and go to tools > Internet Options. Goto connections tab and click LAN settings button. Check the ‘Use a proxy server …..’ option and type your IP address in address box and port as 808. Hit OK.

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google drive proxy authentication

google drive authentication proxy

Step 5 :

Restart the Google Drive Application and it should work.


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