The default PackageResolver for gwtoolbox has changed?

I spent the last 4 hours to understand why gwtoolbox is not injecting dependencies. It was a painful process; there was not any log, just a NullPointerException since there is nothing to inject in the container. Anyway the problem occurred after upgrading gwtoolbox to 2.0-SNAPSHOT from 0.7. Finally I figured out that they changed default PackageResolver strategy in the new version. Before I wasn’t specifying any PackageResolver, meaning; I was relying on the default package…

"The default PackageResolver for gwtoolbox has changed?"

Drupal Module Usage Page

Some three years ago, the nice people at Drupal launched a service that gathered statistical data from deployed drupal sites, regarding the modules they used. This was mainly to solve the problem of which module to use for a particular purpose. I remember this was a real problem when i started using drupal; I often ran into 2-3 Drupal modules doing something similar, that solved my problem, but i had no idea which one to…

"Drupal Module Usage Page"

PHP – Make Youtube embed code from an Url

A small php function that transforms a youtube url in its embed script. function make_youtube_embed_from_url($url) { $url = str_replace(‘?v=’,’/v/’,$url); $out = ‘<object width=\”425″ height=\”350\”><param name=\”movie\” value=\”‘. $url .’\”></param><param name=\”wmode\” value=\”transparent\”></param><embed src=\”‘. $url .’\” type=\”application/x-shockwave-flash\” wmode=\”transparent\” width=\”425\” height=\”350\”></embed></object>’; return $out; }

"PHP – Make Youtube embed code from an Url"

Drupal:: Mysql Server has Gone Away Error

I had a problem with an error that kept popping up “mysql server has gone away error” in Drupal. After some reading around , I figured it was happening because drupal was pushing the mysql server too hard ( An easy way around this was to turn off some modules I didn’t really need. Hope this helps.

"Drupal:: Mysql Server has Gone Away Error"

Drupal:: How to Add User Pictures

Unlike most basic things in drupal, adding a user pictures to nodes like the forum, is not such an easy intuitive task. So after looking around i gathered this: To add a user picture on posts: – select pictures in /admin/user/settings – allow pictures in the theme at admin/build/themes/settings (also in the specific used theme if there is one)

"Drupal:: How to Add User Pictures"

(Ogre) Embedding Python in C++ Example

I decided that I want to find a good way to put Python in my C++ Ogre applications. Now, one method of doing this would be to write an interface for import game_namemy application at a high level. Lets say that Python is going to handle scripting in an RPG-type game. I would need it to do things like “move character to this position, do some spell particle effects, say this dialog”. To accomplish this, I’d…

"(Ogre) Embedding Python in C++ Example"