The smpl Command-line Utility

Simple ships with a command-line utility, smpl, that helps bootstrap applications as well as run then in development mode. Synopsis

Global Options

Creating an application

Creates a new Simple application in the directory app_name. The Haskell module for the new application is the CamelCase derivation of app_name. For example, an app with the name test_app would be created with the module nameTestApp. By default, only minimal functionality is included in generated apps.…

"The smpl Command-line Utility"

What is a Kernel? – Explained

Hello, readers. After spending some time around Android or Linux forums or discussions, you must have come across the term “Kernel”. A kernel is not a unique part of Android or Linux OS but it is a very important part of every operating system including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Blackberry’s QNX, Symbian, etc. Most of the people even some programmers/developers misunderstands kernel and operating system to be one and the same thing. So, What is a…

"What is a Kernel? – Explained"

Exchange Database Corruption Issue in Microsoft Exchange Server

Handling corruption in an Exchange server mailbox database is the worst nightmare for any Exchange administrator. In the event of Exchange database corruption, the Exchange services fail to start and all the business comes to a standstill. In such circumstances, the first step should be to identify the corrupt file. If the pub.edb file is corrupt, all data present in the public folders on the Exchange Server would become inaccessible. These folders are often replicated…

"Exchange Database Corruption Issue in Microsoft Exchange Server"

Visual Studio and the Entity Framework Diagram – Scaffolding Progress

Been a hectic first two weeks on the job! Seven days in, we have agreement on our first set of entities – and have seeded it with data and some sprocs to generate manufacturing work orders and assembly history. Now comes the fun part – the UI! Big challenge here – we are under extreme pressure to deliver in a short time frame a fairly smooth and intuitive UI. Since I work on a manufacturing…

"Visual Studio and the Entity Framework Diagram – Scaffolding Progress"

Installing a Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine Windows 8 VMware Workstation

Here today we are looking to install Windows Server 2012 as virtual machine in VMware workstation I have a Windows 8 machine that’s great for browsing. Unfortunately, for anything serious development-related – not so much. (There’s that annoying lack of Local Users and Groups, for example, which crippled my BT2013 install.) First make sure you have Oracle’s VirtualBox set up. This is really quite painless and a very light install (as distrustful as I am of…

"Installing a Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine Windows 8 VMware Workstation"

Born to Becoming A Great Programmer

Had someone recently ask me about programming and whether it would make a good career for her. I took a few minutes and put down my thoughts. I think the following are good thoughts for people interested in building a career in programming – be in the Microsoft stack or other areas:   Build your own identity and get social: I do think you have to build your own brand as a developer separate from…

"Born to Becoming A Great Programmer"

ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit

I’m embarrassed to say, I hadn’t visited the AJAX control toolkit suite for a while… with the advent of MVC and the abolition of Postbacks/session state (or so I thought), I was putting all that stuff in my rear view mirror. But, suffice to say, there are still times when you’re going to be using WebForms. So, here’s some of my favorite controls from this suite – and why: Accordion – panels collapse/expand. Animation –…

"ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit"