Food Delivery System Project in C++

Structure of the Problem Requirements In this project we will implement the code of food delivery system in C++. The project consist of three modules , admin module, customer service module and user module. The admin module deal with Item’s prices, goods stock, food menu , and membership functions.  The Customer module deal with customer records functions and the user module deal with customers. In User module customer can signup sign-in and sign out. Here…

"Food Delivery System Project in C++"

5 Signs of Great Programmers

Great Programmers are also human like us but they have some special habits and rules in their life and the strictly follow them. Confidence and persistence make you great and the great programmers know it very well. Indeed programming is a thing which need your lots of concentration and energy but if you have confidence, sequence and passion to do it then definitely you will enjoy it a lot . According to my opinion if…

"5 Signs of Great Programmers"

Codewars Review for gaining code experience

Since I had last posted about Codewars I have been spending more time trying out the challenges, and I realize now how valuable it is a tool to develop your coding skills. The last challenge I did required for me to create a function that would evaluate value x and return certain words based on whether the number is divisible by 3, 5, 3 and 5, or neither. I knew how to evaluate whether a…

"Codewars Review for gaining code experience"

Star Wars’ hour of Javascript

I find a lot of coding learning devices that are mostly geared towards children. I am critical for most of these kinds of apps or tools because it does little for anyone that isn’t more than just a beginner. Although they are quite good at teaching programming logic, they are not going to help you learn how to write code itself. For myself and others it is most helpful to be physically typing code to…

"Star Wars’ hour of Javascript"

Writing, building, and running your C++ on a Mac

The very first wall that I had hit when I was looking for a C++ tutorial was that I struggled finding one that was OS X friendly. Most of the tutorials that I had found started out with installing software onto your PC and then explaining it based on how that program ran. I only have my iMac and Macbook right now (although the Macbook can run Ubuntu as well!), so finding something that would…

"Writing, building, and running your C++ on a Mac"

Recommending a C++ beginner’s tutorial

I struggled for a short while at first when I was trying to find a C++ tutorial that I liked, but I did and I’ve been using it for the past few days! This tutorial is at and it holds a pretty extensive collection of video tutorials that are suitable for beginners to the C++ language. I’m not sure if I would say that they would be right for beginners to coding in general,…

"Recommending a C++ beginner’s tutorial"

Programming in C++

I’ve made it far enough in my the tutorials that I was able to tackle the first of their code challenges! The goal was to write a program that could determine whether or not a number was a prime number. I did have to look up how to determine whether there would be remainders when dividing, but it turns out that was very similar to Python! This is what I came up with:

"Programming in C++"