Drupal Module Usage Page

Some three years ago, the nice people at Drupal launched a service that gathered statistical data from deployed drupal sites, regarding the modules they used. This was mainly to solve the problem of which module to use for a particular purpose. I remember this was a real problem when i started using drupal; I often ran into 2-3 Drupal modules doing something similar, that solved my problem, but i had no idea which one to…

"Drupal Module Usage Page"

PHP – Make Youtube embed code from an Url

A small php function that transforms a youtube url in its embed script. function make_youtube_embed_from_url($url) { $url = str_replace(‘?v=’,’/v/’,$url); $out = ‘<object width=\”425″ height=\”350\”><param name=\”movie\” value=\”‘. $url .’\”></param><param name=\”wmode\” value=\”transparent\”></param><embed src=\”‘. $url .’\” type=\”application/x-shockwave-flash\” wmode=\”transparent\” width=\”425\” height=\”350\”></embed></object>’; return $out; }

"PHP – Make Youtube embed code from an Url"

Drupal:: Mysql Server has Gone Away Error

I had a problem with an error that kept popping up “mysql server has gone away error” in Drupal. After some reading around , I figured it was happening because drupal was pushing the mysql server too hard (http://drupal.org/node/227445). An easy way around this was to turn off some modules I didn’t really need. Hope this helps.

"Drupal:: Mysql Server has Gone Away Error"

Drupal:: How to Add User Pictures

Unlike most basic things in drupal, adding a user pictures to nodes like the forum, is not such an easy intuitive task. So after looking around i gathered this: To add a user picture on posts: – select pictures in /admin/user/settings – allow pictures in the theme at admin/build/themes/settings (also in the specific used theme if there is one)

"Drupal:: How to Add User Pictures"

How to Debug Drupal :: debug_backtrace()

Sometimes debuging Drupal can get confusing. I blame the lack of oop (we want you so bad Drupal 7) , the lack of mvc, and some kind of evil gnomes plans to take over the world (but more on this latter). So in case you’re going crazy trying to figure out what goes wrong in some otherwise great Dru[pal module, here’s little function i got from an interesting article on lulabot about debugging Drupal: function…

"How to Debug Drupal :: debug_backtrace()"