Creative Ideas for Paywall Subscription Buttons

In this day and age of a global economy and a nearly endless pool of potential customers,  running a business may have become more difficult in some ways than it was in the past but, some simple changes to keep up with the times can also make business incredibly more profitable than it has ever been before.  Not only can the right tools make your business more profitable than ever before, but these same tools…

"Creative Ideas for Paywall Subscription Buttons"

What are Limit Switches

 What are Limit Switches? Limit Switch are basic switches that have been encased to protect them from external forces, water, oil, and dirt. Many models are available, such as those resistant to head, cold, or corrosion, as well as high-precision models. Limit Switches A Limit Switch is enclosed in a case to protect a built-in basic switch from external force, water, oil, gas, and dust. Limit Switches are made to be particularly suited for applications that require…

"What are Limit Switches"

Ratio Detector Circuit for FM Demodulation

  This view is not far from wrong because the operation of FM detectors is widely regarded as mysterious. The ratio detector to find out how it works, without going deeply into the theory at this point, or studying other forms of FM detector that are also used, and somewhat similar are covered here. To give an output voltage that is proportional to the deviation from the center frequency is necessary, a much more difficult…

"Ratio Detector Circuit for FM Demodulation"

Animation Effect Jquery: How to animate Div or Element using Jquery

Today I am going to show you code on how to move div or how to create animation effect in Jquery.  1) Move elements Right and Left

Demo: Move elements Right and Left >> Go Right Come back Left 2) Move elements Up and Down

Demo: Move elements Up and Down >> Go Up >> Come back down

"Animation Effect Jquery: How to animate Div or Element using Jquery"

Mandriva Linux Distributions – Customization With Style

Mandriva Linux – Customization With Style It took me literally hours to figure out which Linux distributions I would want to download and test. The choices are so varied and there are so many features each distribution offers that it was difficult just choosing. In this little article I will try to go over some of the basic features of one of my favorites, Mandriva. Unlike the competition in this sector, Mandriva offers an incredible…

"Mandriva Linux Distributions – Customization With Style"

Shell Script To Find The Area of Rectangle

This shell script accepts the length and breadth of a rectangle from the user and finds the area of Rectangle. Formula:

Shell Script:



"Shell Script To Find The Area of Rectangle"

How to Perform Ubuntu 13.1 Password Reset

Need to know what to do if you forgot Ubuntu Password? Have no fear if you ever forget your password and are unable to log into Ubuntu in your computer . There is a very simple and quick way to reset your password with the help of recovery mode option in the Grub menu. Do the following steps to reset your password: Start your computer. In the Grub Menu which appears by default when you…

"How to Perform Ubuntu 13.1 Password Reset"

What is Fstab in Linux?

What is Fstab in Linux? The /etc/fstab file contains information about file systems.  It is used by several commands on Linux to define how file systems are mounted.  Every filesystem that Linux supports supports many different mount options depending on the file system.  For example, a filesystem called XFS, supports custom options like barriers/nobarriers, but ext4 supports options like discard if you are using solid state disks. The /etc/fstab file is comprised for six fields…

"What is Fstab in Linux?"

Top 5 Pokemon New to the Sixth Generation

I have been spending a LOT of time playing Pokemon Y as of late. It’s a little ridiculous how much time I’ve logged into the game since getting it. I’ve finished the story lines, almost caught ’em all, and my time with the game is winding down as I find less and less reason to play it. But all the time I’ve spent playing Pokemon Y has made me an expert on the new generation…

"Top 5 Pokemon New to the Sixth Generation"

Find yourself asking , ” I need SEO help for my website.” : Follow the Rules

Many online business people will always tell you the most important factor to their growth online is traffic to their site, and then proceed to ask the industry experts the same question they’ve heard many a times. I need SEO help for my website? When it comes to producing content for the web, checking that every page is search engine optimised is vital. Doing so is less time-consuming than you’d think and can do wonders for…

"Find yourself asking , ” I need SEO help for my website.” : Follow the Rules"