PromptCloud helps “Analysts” do what they are good at “Analysis”

About the Start-up: Q) What is the URL of your start-up? A) Q) What problem your Start-up solving? or planning to solve? A) During 2009, when data levels were surging on the Web, businesses desired to derive insights from data and run analysis for various use cases. However, data sources were few and far between, and where available noise accompanied it. This bloated data making it look much bigger. Obtaining refined, relevant data was tedious…

"PromptCloud helps “Analysts” do what they are good at “Analysis”"

Reverse Singly Linked List using Recursion implementation

Recently I’ve read IT topic about interview questions and was surprised, Programmers discussed about “hard” interview question “Reversing of Linked List”. Judging to that topic the task was hard for most candidates and I decided to write short note about Reversing Linked List. Firstly this task was to Reverse Singly Linked List using recursion; Secondly time for creating algorithm was about 5 mins; So, I’ve used Java for realization but you can write the same…

"Reverse Singly Linked List using Recursion implementation"

Custom jQuery UI Form Rails Button Helper

Today I got a little bored with my standard rails buttons Not bad…but could use a little pizazz. So I decided to take a crack at jQuery UI. A great javascript and style framework that promised to be easy to use and provides theme-able styles. Once you’ve got jQuery UI integrated nicely into your rails project (note i had to change my url paths in the stylesheet), you can style your submit button easily by…

"Custom jQuery UI Form Rails Button Helper"

Install RMagick and MySQL with Snow Leopard

The easiest way to install RMagick is  to download the script from: and to execute it by entering into terminal

If you get errors related to “jpeg” or “jpg” then make sure you don’t have the macports library installed:

Then run this install script for only installing image magick and all of its dependencies: After that install RMagick, and you should be good to go

<hr /> To install MySql…

"Install RMagick and MySQL with Snow Leopard"

Crazy Easy Intro to RMagick – Ruby on Rails Image Manipulation

So, you’ve go ruby on rails up and running, and now you’ve installed Rmagick, and you want to manipulate some images. Grab an image, throw it in your public folder, lets call it myimage.jpg. Run script/server to start your server, and in a controller somewhere put this:

def show image  =”public/images/myimage.jpg”) image   = image.rotate(90) image.write(”public/images/myimage.jpg”) end then in your show.html.erb you can show your picture: < img src = “/images/myimage.jpg” /> Every time…

"Crazy Easy Intro to RMagick – Ruby on Rails Image Manipulation"

Version Control: Understanding Git & GitHub

Version control is one of the most important tools for developers and programmers to track changes in their code and collaborate with others. In this post I will explain briefly two of the most used version control systems on the computer and the cloud. Git & GitHub. Understanding Version Control Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later.-…

"Version Control: Understanding Git & GitHub"

3 Rules: How to Get a High Click Through Rate

You see display ads on many websites. Have you ever wondered how advertisers measure if the ad is successful or not?  And on what factors will the success of the ad depends? Click through rate(CTR) is a way of measuring the success of a display ad besides the fundamental impressions. So what is CTR? It is the ratio of number of clicks on an ad and the number of impressions expressed as a percentage. What…

"3 Rules: How to Get a High Click Through Rate"