Understanding What Makes a Bad Niche Topic

Finding the right niche is the critical starting point for building your niche site and is the most important thing a successful niche site owner can do – and become skilled at.   Thanks to a proliferation of junk blogs on sites like Warrior Forum and PLR Sites – many people new to niche site building make the mistake of choosing niches with impossible competition.     When it comes to niches like Forex and just…

"Understanding What Makes a Bad Niche Topic"

Php Online Tutorial for Beginners

This post will cover the basics of PHP in this PHP Online Tutorial for Beginners and I will go into great detail about everything that I talk about. Let’s start out by finding out… What Is PHP ? PHP is short for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. This is called a recursive acronym. (Wikipedia) PHP is a very powerful programming language used all over the world. It can be used to create dynamic web pages. What is a…

"Php Online Tutorial for Beginners"

Maven plugin to force parent POM upgrades

It is no news that having a corporate POM for a group of projects is a maven best practice for standardization purposes and avoiding repetition. And just like any other project a parent POM is also a living project and you need to update it from time to time. When the parent POM is updated, you also need to make the inheriting projects receive this update. There are two ways to do this; We can…

"Maven plugin to force parent POM upgrades"

Script for changing GNOME proxy settings

Most of us are working in corporate environments and corporate environments do love proxies. And I hate them; I hate setting them every morning I hate un-setting them every evening I am assuming that you also use the same laptop at work and at home. Since I am so sick of changing proxy settings every time, I created the following bash script to set and unset proxy settings.

You can run it as follows.…

"Script for changing GNOME proxy settings"

Surefire is not picking up JUnit 4/TestNG 5 tests

If you are using any of these artifacts from Spring Enterprise Bundle repository –just like I did–, you can face this problem. Since the artifact names of these artifacts are different than usual, it is not possible for surefire to detect. Solution is easy, just configure surefire as follows.

You can use mvn -X to run maven in debug mode, it is very useful, this is how I figured out the problem.

"Surefire is not picking up JUnit 4/TestNG 5 tests"

Automatic deployment for Tomcat Applications

I like continuous deployment just like continuous integration. However it can be pain if you have too many environments to deploy to. In the project that I am currently involved in, we have 3 environments for which continuous deployment makes sense. Deployment frequency is different, deployment policies are different but I am sure it is possible to automatize the deployment process up to some extend. Just for that reason (and also because I am bored…

"Automatic deployment for Tomcat Applications"

Testing Alfresco Webscripts

Waaah, too boring to test is too boring to write. I just wanted to start with this quote from Ray Ryan in Architecting GWT applications for production at Google session at Google I/O 2010. This really explains how I feel about extending Alfresco. Actually it is worse than that, writing tests for Alfresco extensions is painful rather than boring. While developing extensions for Alfresco, I often find writing even the simple unit tests unnecessarily difficult.…

"Testing Alfresco Webscripts"