Apple iPad Wi-Fi Problem? Solution Here!

After the overheating problem in Apple new iPad, here comes another. According to users, Apple’s new iPad is facing problems in connecting Wi-Fi signals. It was having problem in connecting and holding to Wi-Fi connection. As per Daily Mail, it was reported that about 144 posts were posted by irritated iPad consumers on Apple’s Official Forum and about 5,200 people followed the posts. This was great challenge for Apple to look upon this trouble and fix…

"Apple iPad Wi-Fi Problem? Solution Here!"

$25 computer, Raspberry Pi, officially launched today

Base version memory doubled, launch announcement crashes servers The +Raspberry Pi, the $25 computer that seems to be taking the computer enthusiast world by storm, was formally launched at 6AM GMT this morning. The Foundation has announced that they will be entrusting the manufacture of the computers to two British companies, Premier Farnell and RS Components. The first run will consist of 10.000 model B´s to get them into the hands of hobbyists and teachers…

"$25 computer, Raspberry Pi, officially launched today"

Crowdfunding – there’s a new player in town!

First of all, huge props to kickstarter – I’ve been in huge like with the idea idea since I first heard of it, and have been evangelizing it to entrepreneurial friends. BUT… it doesn’t work from Sweden, unfortunately! Just last week the new platform Fundedbyme was launched, and YAY now the awesome possibility of crowdfunding is also open for us Northeners!! Since it’s actually open for any international project submission, I simply urge you all…

"Crowdfunding – there’s a new player in town!"

Transitioning from SAAS Enterprise to Cloud Computing

When, If Ever, Will SaaS Crack Core, Mission Critical Processes In The Enterprise It’s no secret Software as a Service (SaaS) has generated tremendous excitement among many customers for its apparently transformational adoption model and ownership experience.  Unlike client-server applications, SaaS delivers faster time to value often via a viral buying cycle as well as lower risk deployment.  The early adopter focus has been on small and midsize businesses (SMBs) because SaaS makes it economical to…

"Transitioning from SAAS Enterprise to Cloud Computing"

Drupal:: Mysql Server has Gone Away Error

I had a problem with an error that kept popping up “mysql server has gone away error” in Drupal. After some reading around , I figured it was happening because drupal was pushing the mysql server too hard ( An easy way around this was to turn off some modules I didn’t really need. Hope this helps.

"Drupal:: Mysql Server has Gone Away Error"

How to Debug Drupal :: debug_backtrace()

Sometimes debuging Drupal can get confusing. I blame the lack of oop (we want you so bad Drupal 7) , the lack of mvc, and some kind of evil gnomes plans to take over the world (but more on this latter). So in case you’re going crazy trying to figure out what goes wrong in some otherwise great Dru[pal module, here’s little function i got from an interesting article on lulabot about debugging Drupal: function…

"How to Debug Drupal :: debug_backtrace()"

The Language of Fried Chicken: Techniques Used in Advertising

In the book Chicken: High Art, Low Calorie is a fresh (or at least still warm) project by Siâron Hughes, language techniques in advertising is showcased in the graphic vernacular of fried chicken vendors in the UK.   Hughes, a talented designer and illustrator, did not stop at cataloguing the star-spangled array of signage. She also interviewed the people behind brands such as Perfect Fried Chicken and Hen Cottage, most notably Morris ‘Mr Chicken’ Cassanova –…

"The Language of Fried Chicken: Techniques Used in Advertising"