10 Must Have Amazing Apps for Windows Phone

Force Idle Status on Google TalkWindows phone might not be as renowned as the iPhone or Android, however it has its own small but loyal following and is specifically popular within the major business community. Windows phone users are avid window users and are extremely used to the acquaintance of the Windows operating system. With countless phone apps available from almost all store (Android, iOS, Blackberry) the windows is also launching some engaging and amazing apps to gratify its users in every possible way. Here is an outlook on some of the fascinating windows apps.

  1. One Drive

This is the most renowned and vital cloud storage app available for the windows phone. One Drive, Microsoft’s own application for storing documents or files, allows you keep your videos, photos, documents and others in a single location which is accessible across all of your smart devices. Once you begin utilizing the app, everything that stored inside the One Drive could be accessed from your laptop or PC, windows tablet or phone, and you can even share the things much easily amid colleagues or friends.

  1. Folder Lock

Since windows phone is of course a smartphone, utilizing its needs the users should be smart enough about their data’s security. This is where the Folder lock app comes in handy. It is because the app is the only one which has been significantly designed for those who are factually concerned about the identity theft or also for those requiring great privacy for their personal files, videos or images.

  1. iFixit: Repair Manual

This app for Windows phone brings the essential wealth of tech manuals, and also how-to’s on the best known website right in front of your tablet or PC. You can search through numerous of articles on how aptly to fix your favorite smart device. The vital thing is that new manuals get included on a weekly basis. It is a free app and is greatly helpful as well.

  1. The weather channel
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Are you scheduling on going on camping coming week? Well, then this app is surely a must have one. The weather channel precisely predict weather for a week, thus you can easily plan your next vacation without bothering about sudden changes in the climate.

  1. Yelp

One among the biggest benefits of owning a smartphone is that it’s best at giving out exact directions. Whether you are out for coffee, or pizza, you can depend on this app to lead you to your desired destination. As yelp is just an app which relies mainly on crowd sourcing, you are obviously bound to find some unbiased reviews on cafes, restaurants or retail stores.

  1. Share to speech

Share to speech is an amazing creative app which converts your text to audio, simply by pasting a website link or by opening a file within this app. It then effectively saves your text in the form of MP3 file which you can later on listen to it. Audio files can also be shared directly to external drive, One Drive, folders, or also on your windows phone.

  1. Translator

A simple yet significant, translation app is ideal for business users. Anyone who is working for international companies would find themselves in desire of the best translation app, and this is the perfect windows apps for them.

  1. Gmail

A simple and highly functional way to access your vital Gmail account through windows phone is by using this app. The Gmail app for your windows devices is no any frills, a great way of retrieving your account, organize your inbox, edit or create messages and more.

  1. Facebook
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Undeniably, Facebook is one among the most widely used apps that available for windows phone. The app lets you to access your Facebook account with your windows phone.

  1. Skype

Are you yet waiting for your video phone? The good news is it’s already here, however through varied mechanics termed as Skype. It works well on your windows phone and allows you make both international and local calls, all within fixed reasonable rates.

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