JavaScript String type how to

Learn to find out the length of a JavaScript String to match a pattern. In this how to guide we will explore attributes and method for String object type in detail. Find Length of String Use length attribute on String variable or literal


Concatenate / Combine String Creating new string from two or more Strings is one most common code we write in JavaScript. We have three ways to do that. Use Assignment…

"JavaScript String type how to"

Shell Script To Find The Area of Rectangle

This shell script accepts the length and breadth of a rectangle from the user and finds the area of Rectangle. Formula:

Shell Script:



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How to Perform Ubuntu 13.1 Password Reset

Need to know what to do if you forgot Ubuntu Password? Have no fear if you ever forget your password and are unable to log into Ubuntu in your computer . There is a very simple and quick way to reset your password with the help of recovery mode option in the Grub menu. Do the following steps to reset your password: Start your computer. In the Grub Menu which appears by default when you…

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What is Fstab in Linux?

What is Fstab in Linux? The /etc/fstab file contains information about file systems.  It is used by several commands on Linux to define how file systems are mounted.  Every filesystem that Linux supports supports many different mount options depending on the file system.  For example, a filesystem called XFS, supports custom options like barriers/nobarriers, but ext4 supports options like discard if you are using solid state disks. The /etc/fstab file is comprised for six fields…

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A Story Review of Pokemon Y

Before you say anything—I know. Pokémon isn’t meant to be played for the story. The point of any Pokémon game is the Pokémon themselves—catching them, (EV) training them, and making the best team you can put together. The goal is always to beat the Elite Four, and then the Champion. It is to be the very best, like no one ever was (yes, I went there). Here is my Pokemon Y review. In case you…

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Top 5 Pokemon New to the Sixth Generation

I have been spending a LOT of time playing Pokemon Y as of late. It’s a little ridiculous how much time I’ve logged into the game since getting it. I’ve finished the story lines, almost caught ’em all, and my time with the game is winding down as I find less and less reason to play it. But all the time I’ve spent playing Pokemon Y has made me an expert on the new generation…

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Considering Buying A Chromebook as Thin Client ?

What a lot of people don’t know about a Chromebook is it appears to be the first mainstream device heavily marketed to consumers as a “thin client” laptop to the “Cloud”.  Face it.  Most people are used to using their PC’s as a “fat client”, that is, a computer storing programs run directly by the user from the computer itself.  In fact, your tablets and smartphones are still considered a “fat client” because you have…

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